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Beginner FBA Amazon Selling Course has a NEW HOME!

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Ready to start Selling on Amazon? This step-by-step course will walk you through how to set up your account, how to navigate Seller Central, and how to source Retail Arbitrage and Online Arbitrage to find profitable products for your business.

It includes how to list products, how to prep, pack and create FBA shipments, how to price your inventory and more. For FBM I will show you how to create shipping templates, prep and pack your FBM shipments, and how to buy shipping. 

Once your products have sold, I will walk you through how to see what you sold, run business selling reports, get reimbursements for customer returns and lost FBA products. I'll show you how you can see what Amazon will pay you and when as well as strategies for creating a profitable Amazon selling business.

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Is This Course For You?

If you are ready to start selling and stuck with what your next steps are or just need some extra help getting started. Or maybe you’ve set up your account and have no idea how to find profitable products? This course may be for you.

In this course I walk you through every step or starting an Amazon business in detail across 14 lessons allowing you to go at your own pace and come back to any lesson, anytime. 

I show you how to set up your Amazon selling account and gather all your documents to be approved by Amazon to start selling. Once you’ve got your account up and running I show you around the Amazon Seller Central platform and the Seller App.

Once we’ve covered that, it’s tome to start sourcing and finding inventory that makes a profit! I walk you through how to source and use tools like Keepa so you can make the best buying decisions from the start. 

No time to hit the stores? Don’t worry! In addition to walking you through how to Source Retail Arbitrage I also show you how to source via Online Arbitrage so you can choose the model or mix of both that works best for you and your lifestyle. 

Once we have all our products it’s time to start packing, prepping and sending it into Amazon FBA or Merchant Fulfilled, or as I like to call it - FBM, fulfilled by me! I walk you through how to decide which model is right for your products and how to identify a product that might be a good candidate for FBM. Once we’ve packed and prepped our shipments, it’s time to jump into the back end!

I show you all the business side of Amazon, from seeing what sold to running business reports, managing customer feedback and messages and more!

Plus you get access to the Beginner FBA Support Group where myself and hundreds of other sellers are answering questions and helping each other out daily. I’m in there all the time answering questions and helping you out on whatever you need, big or small. I’m there for you!

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The Beginner Course has moved to a new - better - home! Join today at https://yoursellingguide.com/beginner-fba-course/